Qualifications provision for 14-19 year olds with Special Educational Needs

The Department of Education (DE) is particularly keen to ensure that all 14-19 learners have an opportunity to engage with the Entitlement Framework. To this end CCEA in its advisory role has been commissioned to undertake a project to look at suitable qualification provision and recognition for learners with special educational needs (SEN) aged 14-19. This 2 year project will commence in September 2011 with participating schools designing appropriate learning programmes using regulated qualifications at Entry Level and Level 1.

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Special Educational Needs ConferenceTue, 07 June 2011

Project aim and objectives


  • to assess the suitability of QCF qualifications provision in supporting access to qualifications for SEN learners aged 14-19


  • Establish how effective QCF ‘learning programmes’ would be in certifying the achievements of SEN learners
  • Promote joint DE/DEL statement of ensuring a co-ordinated programme of provision for 14-19 year olds
  • Make recommendations to DE on additional requirements/support required

Information leafletPDF 1.19MB

Learning Programme Q&As (November 2012)PDF 43kb

To find out more about this work and to get involved please contact Lisa McMahon on 02890 261200 ext.2137 lmcmahon@ccea.org.uk or Terri McComiskey on 02890 261200 ext. 2192 tmccomiskey@ccea.org.uk