Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment


Qualifications Administration Handbook

Please refer to the link below for information and guidance on the administration of CCEA assessments and examinations (including examination entry codes).

Qualifications Administration Handbook

GCSE Listening

The sound recordings for GCSE Listening 2013 Examinations are now available online. You will find them on the microsite under the Examinations tab, Unit 3 Listening. We plan to upload these, as well as the Transcripts, after each Examination series.

GCSE Resource Packs

All work relating to the expansion of the Resource Packs, which includes all topics in the Specification, has been written and these are now available for each language on the microsites.

Controlled Assessment

New Controlled Assessment Speaking and Writing task exemplars (2012-2015) are now online.

Bridging the Gap between GCSE and AS German

Further information on Bridging the Gap between GCSE and AS, is available in the Support section.

Coming Soon (GCSE Languages)

Topic Tracker: The first stage is now complete and we are now aware of the questions which are available internally. The next stage is to develop areas which to date have not been covered. Sourcing appropriate personnel to complete this stage is currently underway.

GCSE and GCE Languages

The most recent Chief Examiner Reports are now available to download free online. Please go to the required microsite and look under the Examinations option.