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(PDF), Last Updated: 08 November 2017

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S-IF-21-19 GCE Physics, GCSE Physics, GCSE DA Science(Physics) - Summer Practical Theory Examinations
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S-IF-01-17 GCE Physics - Amendments / Corrections to GCE Physics specification
(PDF), Last Updated: 30 January 2017

This specification has six units: three at AS level and three at A2. The AS units make up 40% of the full A level qualification, and the A2 units make up 60%.

Students can take the AS course as a final qualification or the AS units and the A2 units for a full GCE A level qualification.

Unit AS 1: Forces, Energy and Electricity investigates physical quantities and scalars and vectors, which are required in all branches of the subject. Students explore Newtonian mechanics and electricity.

Unit AS 2: Waves, Photons and Astronomy examines ideas about waves and introduces quantum theory and the concept of wave-particle duality.

Unit AS 3: Practical Techniques and Data Analysis gives students the opportunity to develop practical techniques, including analysis, evaluation, design and communication.

Unit A2 1: Deformation of Solids, Thermal Physics, Circular Motion, Oscillations and Atomic and Nuclear Physics builds on the mechanics foundation in Unit AS 1. Thermal Physics connects the properties of gases to the basic principles of kinetic theory.

Unit A2 2: Fields, Capacitors and Particle Physics shows students how action-at-a-distance forces arise between bodies that are separated from one another.

Unit A2 3: Practical Techniques and Data Analysis builds students’ essential practical techniques.