Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment

GCE History

This GCE History specification will be available for first teaching from September 2008.

Through studying this course, students will explore the key political, economic and social events that have helped shape today’s institutions, governments and societies.

The specification aims to help students:

  • develop an interest in and enthusiasm for history;
  • gain an understanding of different identities within society and an appreciation of social, cultural, religious and ethnic diversity through the study of British and Irish history and aspects of European history;
  • build on their understanding of the past;
  • improve as effective learners, and as critical and reflective thinkers with enquiring minds;
  • develop the ability to ask relevant and significant questions about the past, to carry out research and evaluate conclusions;
  • gain an understanding of the nature of historical study, for example that history is concerned with interpretations based on available evidence;
  • develop their use and understanding of historical terms, concepts and skills;
  • make links and draw comparisons with and/or across different periods and aspects of the past; and
  • organise and communicate their historical knowledge and understanding in different ways, arguing a case and reaching substantiated judgements.