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Controlled Assessment Tasks

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E-ModerationUnit 3 is to be submitted electronically

Agreement Trial PowerPoint Presentation - E-Moderation summer 2016
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Controlled Assessment Student Guidance
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Controlled Assessment Student Guide
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Controlled Assessment Teacher Guidance
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E-Moderation Summer 2014 Handout at Agreement Trials
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E-Moderation Summer 2016 Agreement Trials Handout
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History Agreement Trial September 2011
(PPT), Last Updated: 03 January 2012

Presentation for Agreement Trials
(PDF), Last Updated: 18 November 2013

We award 25 percent of the marks for controlled assessment. The controlled assessment task, an investigative study, is the same for both Foundation Tier and Higher Tier students.

The teacher marks the student’s work and we moderate it.

The investigative study gives students an opportunity to investigate specific questions, problems or issues. Students must apply their historical skills and knowledge. They must use and investigate a range of appropriate media and come to understand, analyse and evaluate how the past has been interpreted and represented in different ways.

Students may use oral, written or visual primary and secondary sources. Teachers can advise their students on where to locate sources for their research, as well as on whether particular sources are appropriate.

Teachers should enable their students to investigate motive and bias as they work with source material during this assignment. They should also encourage students to conduct independent research to give their work individuality.

Students must write up the final analysis and evaluation of their findings under direct supervision within a 3 hour period. This does not have to be completed in one sitting.

The work of individual students may be informed by working with others, but each student must provide an individual response. Students must complete the analysis and evaluation of findings independently.

We replace the investigative study tasks each year.

For more information, see the specification.