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Please note: this section relates to the legacy specification. The final resit opportunity will be January 2019 (for externally assessed units only - no controlled assessment units available). This will also be the last opportunity for certification.


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Specification Update (S/IF/84/11)
(PDF), Last Updated: 30 August 2011

We have divided the course into two learning and teaching units:

Unit 1: Parenthood, Pregnancy and Childbirth

  • Parenthood and responsibilities
  • Pregnancy
  • Healthy diet and lifestyle in pregnancy
  • Birth

Unit 2: Child Development (0-5 years)

  • The newborn baby
  • Physical development of the child up to five years old
  • Intellectual development of the child up to five years old
  • The social and emotional development of a child up to five years
  • Child care provision and sources of support available
  • Safety, first aid and childhood diseases
  • Choosing clothes and shoes for young children
  • Weaning and dietary needs of the child.

Assessment takes the form of two written exam papers and two controlled assessments:

Unit 3: Controlled Assessment Investigation Task

  • Task analysis activity;
  • Research-based activity;
  • Planning and carrying out primary investigation; and
  • Evaluation activity.

Unit 4: Controlled Assessment Short Task

  • Research-based activity;
  • Practical activity; and
  • Evaluation activity.

For more information, see the specification.

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