Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment

Revised GCE ICT

Our revised GCE ICT specification replaced the previous legacy specification and has been available for teaching since September 2008.

This qualification will give students opportunities to:

  • develop knowledge, understanding and skills to meet human need in a broad range of activities;
  • develop awareness of the management of resources to meet an identified human need in a diverse and ever-changing society, including values issues;
  • take account of rapid technological changes and the growth of scientific knowledge and understanding;
  • critically evaluate evidence to justify info rmed decisions;
  • use info rmation and communication technology (ICT) where appropriate;
  • develop innovative, creative and original ideas through active investigations; and
  • make use of their wider knowledge and understanding.

This course will prepare students for a wide range of courses in Higher Education as well as employment in the ICT industry.