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CCEA is Northern Ireland´s own key skills provider. We provide extensive advice, support and training which is tailored to the needs of schools and colleges and workplaces in Northern Ireland and is consistent with national regulations, standards and requirements.

CCEA has in place a local specialist team dedicated to supporting key skills managers, co-ordinators, internal moderators and assessors in the implementation of NI Key Skills. This support includes a range of professional development courses and a high level of on-site customised centre support.

CCEA has developed a range of high quality support materials designed by practising key skills co-ordinators and assessors. These materials also include practical activities specifically designed to further develop candidates' key skills.

Instructions for Conducting Coursework

In order to support centres in making accurate and consistent assessment decisions CCEA has produced the following support documentation for centres. The instructions are for use in all ACETS* qualifications. They cover the setting, supervision, authentication, marking, internal moderation and standardisation of coursework in centres. Centres are strongly advised to download both documents.

ACETS Qualifications Instructions for Conducting Coursework (2013/2014)

Getting the Quality Right: Centre Guidelines for Managing Quality Assurance for ACETS Qualifications