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GCE Mathematics

Helping students become aware of the relevance of mathematics to other fields of study

GCE Mathematics

Developing the ability to solve complex problems

GCE Mathematics

Making Logical Deductions from given mathematical data.

GCE Mathematics

Understanding how different areas of mathematics are connected

GCE in Mathematics

Attention! Proofs required for GCE Mathematics (AS) unit AMC2

It has been brought to our attention that a textbook has indicated that certain proofs in CCEA GCE Mathematics (AS) unit AMC2 are not required.

The following list highlights proofs required:

  1. Arithmetic Progression and Geometric Progression formulae
  2. The sum of the first n natural numbers;
  3. Arc length/area of sector
  4. tan x = sin x/cos x
  5. sin2 x + cos2 x = 1 and the two other trigonometric identities (C3 only)
  6. Laws of logarithms and change of base of logarithms.

No questions involving calculus formulae will be set.

If you have any further queries, please contact:

GCE Mathematics Subject Officer
Joe McGurk
(028) 9026 1443

GCE Mathematics builds on the skills, knowledge and understanding that students have developed in their previous study of mathematics up to GCSE level. A study of GCSE Additional Mathematics is beneficial but is not a requirement.

Students with a qualification in GCE Mathematics have experienced success in further and higher education as well as careers in accountancy, finance, statistics, computer programming, engineering, medicine, psychology, dentistry and teaching among others.