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Revised AS Level Music Exemplification of Examination Performance (EEP)

CCEA has produced Exemplification of Examination Performance (EEP) for answers (at grade A) from the revised AS examinations undertaken in the Summer Series 2017. This exemplification for AS Music is available as a PDF download from the following link:

Revised AS Music Exemplification of Examination Performance (EEP)

CCEA is currently organising a series of webinars to accompany the published booklet.

Follow the link below for full details and registration:

AS Music EEP (Tuesday 27 March at 3pm)

E-Moderation and ePortfolio - From Summer 2018

From Summer 2018 all Composition (SMU21/AMU21) and Composition with Technology (SMU22/AMU22) audio files must be submitted electronically using the ePortfolio system.

Summer 2017 saw the introduction of the eCandidate Record Sheet for submission of teacher marks and comments and the upload of audio files represents the next step in moving the internally assessed units entirely online.

Uploading files via ePortfolio removes the need for centres to burn and collate multiple CDs and lists the candidates in the sample generated by CCEA. It provides the facility to flag the top and bottom candidates or add to the sample (if not already listed), replace a candidate in the original sample, upload files for the candidates in the sample and validate submissions.

Lead teachers registered for submitting the eCandidate Record Sheet will automatically have access to the ePortfolio application.

Full instructions and support on how to upload files is available on the CCEA E-Moderation site, accessed by following the link below:

E-Moderation: ePortfolio - sample uploads

Key points for GCE Music:

  • the ePortfolio application will be available from 9:00am on 9th April 2018 until 5:00pm on 8th May 2018;
  • all audio files should be in MP3 format, not exceeding 10MB; and
  • hard copy of candidate commentaries should be ready for collection from 8:30am on 8th May 2018.

Further support on exporting files as MP3 and conversion of files to MP3 is available here:

Additional Instructions for E-Moderation/ePortfolio
(PDF), Last Updated: 20 February 2018


Music teachers' perceptions relating to the teaching of composition and use of music technology in Northern Ireland schools.

Researchers at the School of Education, Ulster University are keen to identify issues with composing in the classroom (post-primary) and provide hard, objective evidence with a view to achieving equity for pupils across Northern Ireland.

The first stage of this research is to obtain an accurate picture of how composition is currently taught.

Are facilities adequate? Are class sizes too big?

Your participation would be greatly appreciated.

Click on the link to complete the anonymous questionnaire:

Music teachers' perceptions relating to the teaching of composition and use of music technology in Northern Ireland schools.

Qualifications Administration Handbook

Please refer to the link below for information and guidance on the administration of CCEA assessments and examinations (including examination entry codes).

Qualifications Administration Handbook

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