Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment
CCEA Curriculum Monitoring Programme 2018-19



At AS level students take two 1 hour 20 minute written examinations. Each is worth 50% of the AS qualification and 20% of the full A level. In each exam, students answer one of two questions in Section A and one of two questions in Section B.

At A2 students take two 2 hour written exams. Each is worth 30% of the A level qualification. They must answer two from three questions in Section A and a compulsory synoptic question in Section B.

The examinations are available in summer only.

For more details see the full specification.

Chief Examiner/Principal Moderator Report 2018 May/June Series
(PDF), Last Updated: 04 October 2018

Chief Examiner/Principal Moderator Report 2017 May/June Series
(PDF), Last Updated: 13 February 2018