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Useful Downloads

Teacher Forum
A username and password are required to access the Teacher Forum. These can be obtained by contacting the Subject Officer or Specification Support Officer.

Best Practice - A2 Implementing Solutions
(PDF), Last Updated: 24 January 2018

Best Practice - AS2 Event Driven Programming
(PDF), Last Updated: 24 January 2018

Best Practice - Teacher Commentary
(PDF), Last Updated: 24 January 2018

GCE Software Systems Development Information Event Nov 13
(PPTX), Last Updated: 29 November 2013

GCE Software Systems Development Student Guide
(PDF), Last Updated: 17 February 2014

GCE Software Systems Development: A2 Agreement Trial - Implementing Solutions - October 2017
(PPT), Last Updated: 23 October 2017

GCSE and GCE A/AS Examinations Summer 2017 E-Moderation Product-Type Subjects Instructions to Teachers
(PDF), Last Updated: 03 March 2017

Reporting in Visual Studio 1
(PDF), Last Updated: 02 November 2017

Reporting in Visual Studio 2
(PDF), Last Updated: 02 November 2017

Scheme of Work
(DOC), Last Updated: 20 September 2013

Specification Snapshot
(PDF), Last Updated: 11 November 2013

Specimen Assessment Material
(PDF), Last Updated: 19 June 2014

We provide the following resources to support this specification:

  • schemes of work; and
  • specimen assessment materials.

We intend to expand our range of support to include the following:

  • past papers and mark schemes;
  • Chief Examiner’s reports;
  • Principal Moderator’s reports;
  • centre support visits;
  • support days for teachers;
  • portfolio clinics;
  • agreement trials;
  • a resource list; and
  • exemplification of standards.

Let us know what other support materials you would find useful. Complete our online comment form and tell us what we can do for you.