Useful Links

Here are some links, which you may find useful. Within main CCEA site link to:

  1. GCSE's - the official student guide to the system
  2. AS and A Levels - the official student guide to the system
  3. Rewarding Learning - Annual Support Programme
  4. Examinations Administration Handbook

External resources:

  1. GCSE Bitesize
  2. Qualifications and Curriculum Authority
  3. BBC News
  4. Design Council - Design for Patient Dignity Brochure Visual
    Design Council - Design Bugs Out Book
    Design Counci -Design Out Crime, Alcohol Insights
    Design Council - Eleven Lessons Complete Study
  5. Design Council - Schools and Education
  6. Design Council - Product Design
  7. Design Museum
  8. Core 77 - Design Magazine and Resource
    Industrial Design Served
    Red Dot Online - Design
    Crafts Council of Ireland
    International Design Excellence Awards
    Institute of Designers in Ireland
    Hemingway Design
    Nokia Research Centre
    Iconeye Magazine
  9. Spartacus Educational
  10. Free Teaching Resources
  11. Product Design
  13. Coroflot
  14. Monkee Design
  15. Yanko Design