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This section keeps you you to date with the Employability materials that have been developed for primary schools.

Anything's Possible! Enterprise Storysack (Years 3 and 4)

This resource is no longer available.

This resource (sent to schools in 2005) was developed for all Primary Schools across Northern Ireland which aims to plant the seeds of an enterprising culture. Using a relevant and stimulating context the Enterprise Storysack provides guidance for teachers to consider ways of adopting the enterprise approach.

Anything's Possible
(Irish Medium - "Is Féidir Gach Aon Rud!")

Anything's Possible Audio Recording
4.8MB MP3 (Irish Medium - "Is Féidir Gach Aon Rud!")

Precious Waste Employability Storysack (Years 5 and 6)

This resource is no longer available.

This resource (sent to schools in 2007) was developed for all Primary Schools across Northern Ireland to support teachers in implementing employability as part of a thematic approach to everyday learning and teaching in the classroom.

Precious Waste Role Play Characters
Download the character masks and use with the children as part of an interactive storytelling session. As the images will need to be cut out you may want to print it on card for extra durability.  Attach a handle to the masks for children to hold over their faces – a long piece of heavy card works well! 

Precious Waste Storysack Masks

Out of This World (Years 6 and 7) - This resource is no longer available.

A free resource provided to all primary schools that addresses all of the strands of Employability while at the same time has explicit opportunities to develop children’s skills in communication, using mathematics, ICT and thinking skills in a stimulating context.

Children receive an e-mail from outer space asking them to find out what humans want from a holiday in space. They then form in groups to design and make a 3D model of the first ever proposed Space Hotel. The project ends with the children presenting their bid to a chosen audience. All children then receive a certificate of contract.

Ideas for Connecting Learning: ICLs (Years 3-7)

The ICLs provide a range of active learning experiences that assist teachers in making the Revised Northern Ireland Curriculum come alive. They are a means of developing the overall aim and objectives of the curriculum and the principles that are central to it: Connected Learning, Whole Curriculum Skills Development and Assessment for Learning. A selection of ICLs will be made available for Years 3/4, 4/5, 5/6 and 6/7. During the development writers designed activities to address the Employability dimension.

Thematic Units

The Thematic Units use ideas from the ICLs to illustrate a programme of connected, active learning for teachers to explore with the children in their classrooms. The key elements that underpin the curriculum objectives have led each development. The Year 5 Thematic Unit called ‘Dream Train’ has been developed as guidance for primary Employability.

The Make It Real Game Evaluation

This resource is no longer available.

The Make It Real Game is a programme that is suitable for children in Year Seven in the Primary School. The Make It Real Game addresses many of the elements underpinning the objectives of Northern Ireland’s Revised Curriculum and offers a deeper insight into the suggested dimensions of Education for Employability. The materials suggest a thematic approach, integrating a number of Learning Areas, in particular, The World Around Us and Personal Development.

Read more about The Make It Real Game Evaluation.

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