This section provides information on the General Certificates of Education at A Level and AS Level.

Final Timetables 2013/14

GCE January 2014PDF, 74K
** Following the Minister's statement on GCE qualifications in Northern Ireland, the January 14 timetable is ONLY for those candidates who have begun their GCE A level course in September 2012. In the January 2014 series, these candidates will be able to take the examinations they have not previously taken and/or can re-sit modular examinations already taken. Therefore the January 2014 GCE timetable is not for candidates who begin their GCE AS level course in September 2013.

GCE Timetable Summer 2014PDF, 82K
** Updated to include first assessment opportunities for the new Entitlement Framework specifications and the changes to the AS Chemistry practical examination.

Draft Timetables 2014/15

Draft GCE Timetable Summer 2015PDF, 82K




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