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Important Information for all centres September 2013

Please note that CCEA’s Graded Objectives for Modern Languages scheme has been revised and has now been replaced by OLA – Online Language Assessment from September 2010. The new scheme has been aligned to the NI Curriculum and the language content has been refreshed making it more relevant to the needs of both learners and teachers. OLA has 4 distinct levels, entry 2, entry 3, level 1 and level 2. There are 5 language pathways: French, German, Irish, Italian and Spanish. The new scheme will continue to provide language –learning goals for Key Stage 3 and for enrichment and will continue to provide motivation to language learners in the future.

Assessment Arrangements 2013 - 2014

Please note that the OLA Modern Languages scheme will be available in both the winter and summer series, 2013 - 2014.

We had a high uptake of the scheme during the recent summer series in May 2011. Some centres experienced some difficulty with speed when downloading the test. We want to thoroughly investigate this issue and therefore I am pleased to advise you that the assessment of this year's OLA tests will be on paper. Recently a circular was sent out to all centres to explain the reasons for this.

We hope that you will continue to avail of the OLA tests on paper and we will keep you informed of progress with the online version.

For this year, however there will only be paper tests and no on-line tests.

In the meantime, if have any qureries, please contact Shelia Armstrong:

Tel: 02890 261200– Ext 2447 or
Mobile:07825 141 6276
E-mail: sarmstrong@ccea.org.uk


Teacher Registration

In order to conduct OLA online assessments, centres are required to submit details of all teachers of languages within their centre.

This information will be used to generate a unique login for the online assessment system. Your login will be sent to your email address prior to the assessment period.

Click here to register now.


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