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GCSE Specifications Questionnaire

CCEA are consulting on all our existing GCSE specifications and we would like to find out whether the content, assessment and support materials continue to reflect the needs of learners and the society, economy and environment in which they live and work. Questions are also relevant for those taking GCSE specifications with other Awarding Organisations.

GCSE Specifications QuestionnaireSurvey

GCE Timetable Survey

The CCEA GCE summer timetable has traditionally scheduled A2 Units before corresponding AS Units. This was in response to requests from Heads of Centre when the GCE qualification was revised in 2000 to include an AS Level sitting for Year 13 pupils. The reason for this was to maximise the teaching and learning time for AS candidates before examinations were sat; and to retain AS candidates for as long as possible in the summer term.

However, as you are aware, the weighting of GCE qualifications is set to change from first teaching September 2016. AS will now be worth 40% of the overall GCE qualification; and A2 will be worth 60%. The first award of the new AS Units will be summer 2017; and the first award of the new A2 units will be summer 2018. Given this change to the weightings of GCE qualifications, CCEA have developed the following questionnaire to elicit your views on whether AS units should be scheduled before A2 Units on the summer timetable.

GCE Timetable SurveySurvey