Streaming issues

You will need an internet connection to play the streaming media in this archive. If the internet connection is interrupted it will affect your viewing.

What is Streaming Video?
Streaming video is transmitted by a server application and received and displayed in real-time by client applications. The video starts playing as soon as enough data has been received and stored in the client’s buffer. A streamed file is simultaneously downloaded and viewed, but leaves behind no physical file on the viewer´s machine.

Viewing the Clips
Video clips are also provided in MPEG-4 Part 12 (MP4) format and will play directly on your browser. You can also download the clips and view on your own machine.

Saving / Downloading the Clips
You can download clips to your computer by clicking on the button similar to the image below:

Download clip (MP4)

Use your default video player to view the clip.


If you are having any technical issues please contact us.