Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment


At AS level and at A2, students are assessed through Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing examinations. There is one examination series each Summer.  

A2 Examinations


Assessment Format



A2 1: Speaking


Question 1: introduction
(1 minute) and discussion
(5 minutes)

6 minutes

40 marks

Question 2: conversation

9 minutes

Total time: 15 minutes

40 marks

Total marks: 75
18% of A level

A2 2: Listening and Reading

Section A – Listening
Students answer two sets of questions based on two discrete passages recorded on disk.

Recording 1: students answer in German.

Recording 2: students answer in English.

45 minutes


25 marks


Section B – Reading
Students answer two sets of questions and complete one summary exercise and one translation exercise.

2 hours

Question 1: students complete a gap-filling exercise in German.


Question 1: 10 marks

Question 2: students answer a set of questions in German based on one passage.


Question 2: 15 marks

Question 3: students read a passage in German and summarise it in English.


Question 3:
15 marks

Question 4: students translate a passage from English into German.


Question 4:
35 marks


Total marks: 100 marks

24% of A level

A2 3: Extended Writing Students write one essay, in German, in response to a set literary text. 1 hour Total marks:
18% of A level

Chief Examiner/Principal Moderator Report 2018 May/June Series
(PDF), Last Updated: 06 November 2018

Chief Examiner/Principal Moderator Report 2017 May/June Series
(PDF), Last Updated: 09 February 2018