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Frequently Asked Questions

When does OLA commence?

First teaching is from September 2010. We have replaced GOML with OLA.

What resources do I need in order to teach OLA?

In order to teach OLA, you will require:

  • the specification;
  • the Defined Language content;
  • self-assessment grids;
  • the demo online tests; and
  • a login to access the OLA system.

All of these are available in this microsite.

When can I take OLA tests?

The OLA scheme offers one series per year: summer (May-June).

Can I try out sample tests?

Yes, we have developed sample tests for each language. These allow centres to see the types of questions we have included and to trial the system. We recommend that learners try the sample tests before the actual examination. There are 12 possible question types, and examples of all of these can be found in the demo tests. Question types include multiple choice, drag and drop, gap-fill, and free response, thus providing variety across the assessment.

How are the paper based test marked?

All tests are marked by the centre and a sample moderated by CCEA.

Who assesses the speaking unit and what happens then?

The teacher conducts the Speaking test and marks it in accordance with the CCEA mark scheme. The teacher then adds the speaking mark to the marking system, and the marks for all four units can be totalled and submitted for moderation by CCEA.

What is the pass mark for OLA?

In order to achieve a pass in an OLA examination, the candidate must achieve a score of 55% or more.

Where can I find out more about OLA examination administration?

Please refer to the OLA section of the Examinations Administration Handbook or email Joan Jennings

What is the closing date for entering for the OLA tests?

The closing date for all entries is 21 February.