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GCSE Irish

For first teaching from September 2017
A guide to changes in GCSE Grading

Students of our GCSE Irish specification can develop their enthusiasm for the language while increasing their confidence in the four key skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. They learn more about Irish-speaking countries/communities, as well as covering topics like social and global issues � taking their place as citizens in a multilingual, global society.

Three contexts for learning provide plenty of variety and scope for investigating, understanding, describing, discussing and giving opinions. The contexts are:

  • identity, lifestyle and culture
  • local, national, international and global areas of interest
  • school life, studies and the world of work.

There is an external examination for each of the specification�s four assessment units, each worth 25% of the overall mark. The teacher conducts and records the speaking exam for our examiners to mark, and students have the opportunity to prepare one of the conversation topics in advance.

Specification and Specimen Assessment Materials

Our GCSE in Irish is unitised, so it�s possible to take part of the assessment at the end of the first year of study.

The specification has four units:

  • Unit 1: Listening
  • Unit 2: Speaking
  • Unit 3: Reading
  • Unit 4: Writing.

(PDF), Last Updated: 09 January 2019

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Specimen Assessment Materials

Specimen Assessment Materials
(PDF), Last Updated: 07 February 2019

Speaking Assessment

The teacher conducts the exam for Unit 2: Speaking under controlled conditions (see the specification for details). It includes two role-plays and one general conversation on two topics.

GCSE Speaking pre-release topics September 2019 (for examination Summer 2020)

Conversation Topic 1
Daily routine. (Context 1)

Please note centres may prepare for 'daily routine' only or the entire topic as below
- Free time, leisure and daily routine (for example sports, hobbies, cinema, TV, music, dance, fashion, eating out, shopping, at home, at school and at the weekend)

The pre-release should not be used as part of a mock examination for this cohort, but you can use the examination format to conduct a mock, e.g. Role-plays, Conversation 1 and Conversation 2.

Speaking Examination at a glance
(PDF), Last Updated: 11 September 2018

GCSE MFL Guidance for the Conduct of the Speaking Examination
(PDF), Last Updated: 26 March 2019

GCSE MFL Candidate Role Play Response Sheet
(PDF), Last Updated: 26 March 2019

GCSE MFL Candidate Preparation Sheet
(PDF), Last Updated: 26 March 2019

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