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GCSE Art & Design

For first teaching from September 2017
A guide to changes in GCSE Grading

Our GCSE Art and Design specification develops studentsí understanding of how meanings, ideas and intentions can be communicated through visual and tactile language. Students learn how to use different media and technologies to realise their intentions. They develop their understanding of the creative and cultural industries, and refine their work through experimentation.

By studying this revised specification, students become critical thinkers with enquiring minds and increase their confidence in taking artistic risks. The course features a renewed focus on drawing, emphasising that it is an essential part of the creative process in all art, craft and design disciplines.

As well as exploring many artistic skills and processes, students develop their knowledge and understanding of historical and contemporary contexts, societies and cultures. The broad and flexible content gives students the freedom to pursue a range of creative pathways.

Specification and Specimen Assessment Materials

Our GCSE in Art and Design is a linear qualification: students take all the assessment at the end of the course.

The specification has two components:

  • Component 1
    - Part A: Exploratory Portfolio
    - Part B: Investigating the Creative and Cultural Industries
  • Component 2: Externally Set Assignment.

(PDF), Last Updated: 27 September 2019

Specification (Irish-Medium)
(PDF), Last Updated: 10 October 2017
Specification (Irish-Medium)

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Specimen Assessment Materials

Specimen Assessment Materials
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Speciman Assessment Materials (Irish-Medium)
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Pre-Release Material

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Controlled Assessment

In this specification both Component 1 and Component 2 are controlled assessment components. These include tasks such as producing a portfolio of experimental work and developing ideas in response to a stimulus paper.

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(PDF), Last Updated: 12 April 2019


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