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GCE Biology

Learning for life

3 good reasons to choose our qualification:

  1. Gain a deeper knowledge of life and the organisms that share our planet
  2. New A2 emphasis on antibiotic resistance, epigenetics and gene technology
  3. Develop transferable skills that will open a wide variety of education and career pathways

This specification is for first teaching from September 2016.

Studying GCE Biology gives students a greater understanding of and respect for living organisms. Students acquire and develop skills that are valued in further and higher education, as well as in the workplace. These include analysis, evaluation, problem solving, research and an ability to understand complex processes, along with practical skills such as using a microscope, fieldwork and handling apparatus.

Knowledge of biological processes is useful in a wide range of areas, including health, food production, conservation and, increasingly, technology.

The specification encourages students to:

  • develop an interest in and enthusiasm for biology (including an interest in further study and biology-related careers);
  • develop knowledge and understanding of different areas of the subject and how they relate to each other;
  • take part in practical activities that support the specification content and develop essential scientific skills;
  • appreciate how society makes decisions about scientific issues; and
  • understand how the sciences contribute to the success of the economy and society.