Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment
CCEA Curriculum Monitoring Programme 2018-19

GCSE Business and Communication Systems

This specification in Business and Communication Systems was first taught in 2009. First awards were issued in 2011.

Through studying our GCSE in Business and Communication Systems, students:

  • gain business knowledge, understanding and skills;
  • gain practical ICT skills; and
  • gain an understanding of how ICT skills are used to enhance business activities, particularly through e-commerce.

This course is very relevant to today’s business world. It helps students understand the changing role of ICT in business and economic activities. It also helps students understand the ways in which market environments are changing because of ICT, for example the rise of e-business.

This course helps students develop practical ICT and business skills that are useful in a diverse range of employment roles. It also prepares students for studying business and ICT at a more advanced level.