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Digital Technology

Digital technology incorporates aspects of computer science and information technology. It explores how we can use technology to create, store, process, analyse and present information in a digital context. This includes computer architecture, networks, web technology, digital media, programming tools and software applications.

The 2015 report Make or Break: The UKs Digital Future, from the House of Lords Select Committee on Digital Skills, refers to these categories:

  • Digital citizens (37% of the total UK workforce) have the ability to use digital technology purposefully and confidently to communicate, find information and purchase goods and services.
  • Digital workers (46% of the workforce) are working at the higher end of digital skills, with the ability to evaluate, configure and use complex digital systems. These tasks often require programming skills such as scripting.
  • Digital makers (10% of the workforce) need skills sufficient to build digital technology, typically software development.

Our innovative Digital Technology qualifications, alongside GCE Software Systems Development, are a direct response to the call for digital skills and digital makers.

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