Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment
CCEA Curriculum Monitoring Programme 2018-19

Exploring the Task

Candidates have to submit one piece for this task. The task will give candidates the opportunity to discuss the differences in a variety of types of talk. Candidates must choose at least two pieces of talk. Suggested approaches are based on the 2012 task. You can adapt these to suit future themes/topics.

Listen to different examples of motivational talk. Show your understanding of the variations, explaining why language changes. Evaluate the impact of language choices on your own and others’ use. You may wish to refer to some or all of the following, as appropriate:

  • how language is used for a range of purposes;
  • how language choices are influenced;
  • regional and non-standard variations used; and
  • variations occurring due to time, place and context.

You may also wish to discuss other features that you have considered.