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Pre-Task Ideas

You can access worksheets and resources from the Teachit website resource library for Key Stage 4 at for many of the following topics. You can also access your resources on the TES Connect site at Many audio sources are available on

We have made links to suggested resources where possible so that you can display them on your whiteboard.

Click on the Topics tab to view suggested activities and to access sample PowerPoints. These can be adapted and linked to resources of your choice.

Such introductory activities can frame your initial discussions and focus the students’ attention on the holistic nature of the task. It is important if picking out individual features to link them to:

  • how they contribute to the overall effectiveness of the talk on the listener; and
  • how the situation shapes the choice of language.

The task provides a welcome break from traditional functional language appreciation. Explore humour and dialect and encourage students to record sample talk from their own environment.

You can create tasks by comparing a ‘real’ example of talk (for example spontaneous talk) to a dramatised example (for example sketches, scripted talk). An actual court scene or a political speech could be compared to the equivalent in a film.

Remember: when studying the pieces of talk being analysed for the Controlled Assessment Task, you should listen to the pieces first to appreciate fully the language used.