Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment
CCEA Curriculum Monitoring Programme 2018-19


What is the classification code for this specification?

The classification code for this specification is 0340.

What grades can students achieve with this award?

We award AS qualifications on a five grade scale from A to E, with A being the highest grade. For A Level qualifications we award on a scale from A* to E, with A* being the highest grade. To achieve an A*, students must achieve a grade A on their full A Level qualification and at least 90 percent of the maximum uniform marks across the A2 units. We report the results of students who fail to attain a grade E as unclassified (U).

Can students resit individual assessment units?

Students can resit individual AS and A2 assessment units. The best result from each unit counts toward the AS and A Level qualifications.

Are students assessed on the quality of their written communication?

Students must demonstrate the quality of their written communication, ensuring that spelling, punctuation and grammar are accurate so that their meaning is clear. Examiners and teachers assess the quality of students' written communication in their extended writing and responses to questions.

What skills can students develop through studying this specification?

This specification gives students the opportunity to develop the following skills:

  • application of number;
  • communication;
  • improving their own learning and performance;
  • information and communication technology;
  • problem solving; and
  • working with others.

Do the coursework tasks change every year?

Yes, both the AS and A2 coursework tasks will be changed every year. These tasks will be available in the Pre-Release section of the micro-site in September of every year.