Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment

CCEA is withdrawing the Essential Skills qualifications.

The final assessment opportunities for these qualifications will be October 2018.

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Essential Skills are nationally accredited qualifications available throughout Northern Ireland in:

  • Entry Level Literacy
  • Entry Level Numeracy
  • Level 1   2 Communication
  • Level 1   2 Application of Number

Understandably, many are anxious about returning to education. Essential skills tasks are designed to be relevant and interesting. The essential skills qualifications aim to reward and motivate learners and improve their opportunities.

CCEA is Northern Ireland's own Essential Skills provider. We provide extensive advice, support and training which is tailored to the needs of colleges, Further Education establishments and Training organisations in Northern Ireland and is consistent with national regulations, standards and requirements.

Important notice for centres wishing to make entries for Essential Skills ICT

Levels 1 & 2

Please note that this qualification is only available for Further Education Centres and Training/Community Organisations.

At present Post-Primary Schools cannot make entries for Essential Skills ICT Level 1 and or Level 2.