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Food Standards Agency (FSA) - Webinar (Food Allergens)

CCEA are hosting this webinar in conjunction with the FSA. This session will provide information to teachers delivering the GCSE Food & Nutrition (Learning Outcome - nutritional & dietary needs) and/or the GCE Nutrition & Food Science (Learning Outcome - allergens).

Register your participation here:

Tuesday 5 February @ 3.30pm

New BBC Bitesize resource!

A new BBC Bitesize resource is now available for the revised GCSE Food and Nutrition specification. Follow the link below to explore the resource:

BBC Bitesize - Home Economics: Food and Nutrition

Exemplification of Examination Performance (EEP)

CCEA has produced Exemplification of Examination Performance (EEP) for answers (at grade A) from the revised AS examinations undertaken in the Summer Series 2017. This exemplification for AS Nutrition and Food Science is available as a PDF download from the following link:

Revised AS Nutrition and Food Science - Exemplification of Examination Performance (EEP)

CCEA held a series of webinars to accompany the published booklet.

The recording of the webinar is available here.

Qualifications Administration Handbook

Please refer to the link below for information and guidance on the administration of CCEA assessments and examinations (including examination entry codes).

Qualifications Administration Handbook

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