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(PDF), Last Updated: 31 October 2018

(PDF), Last Updated: 24 November 2016

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From this specification students can take:

  • the AS course as a final qualification; or
  • the AS units plus the A2 units for a full GCE A level qualification.

There are three units at AS level and three units at A2:



AS 1: Physical Geography

1 (a) Processes that shape fluvial environments
1 (b) Human interaction in fluvial environments

2 (a) Global biomes
2 (b) Small scale ecosystems

3 (a) The processes that shape our weather and climate
3 (b) Weather in the British Isles
3 (c) Global weather issues

AS 2: Human Geography

1 (a) Population data
1 (b) Population change<
1 (c) Population and resources

2 (a) Settlement change
2 (b) Planning in rural environments
3 (c) Urban challenges

3 (a) Measuring development
3 (b) Reducing the development gap
3 (c) Emerging markets

AS 3: Fieldwork Skills and Techniques in Geography

This unit involves collecting geographical data first hand through fieldwork.

A2 1: Physical Processes, Landforms and Management

Students choose two of these four options:

Option A: Plate Tectonics – Theory and Outcomes
Option B: Tropical Ecosystems – Nature and Sustainability
Option C: Dynamic Coastal Environments
Option D: Climate Change – Past and Present

A2 2: Processes and Issues in Human Geography

Students choose two of these four options:

Option A: Cultural Geography
Option B: Planning for Sustainable Settlements
Option C: Ethnic Diversity
Option D: Tourism

A2 3: Decision Making in Geography

Students develop decision-making skills in a real world scenario.

See the full specification for more details.