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NOTE: CCEA will not be accepting entries from English centres for GCSE courses that begin in or after September 2012


Useful Downloads

(PDF), Last Updated: 18 August 2015
Updated GCSE History specification for first teaching from September 2014. For first assessment from Summer 2015. For first award in Summer 2016. Subject Code: 4010

Related Circular

S/IF/43/15 - November 2015 - GCSE Updated History Support Document for Unit 2
(PDF), Last Updated: 24 November 2015

Updated Specification for First Teaching September 2014 (S/IF/35/14)
(PDF), Last Updated: 25 June 2014

Students can take GCSE History at either Foundation or Higher Tier. Foundation Tier is targeted at students who wish to achieve a grade C–G. Higher Tier is targeted at students who wish to achieve a grade A*–D.

This is a unitised specification. Students can sit Unit 1 in the first year of teaching.

Students must complete three units:

Unit 1
Two Studies in Depth

Teachers choose one topic from:

  • Option 1: Germany 1918–1939; or
  • Option 2: Russia c1916–1939; or
  • Option 3: United States of America c1920–1941.


Options 1, 2 and 3 each consist of three Key Issues. Students must cover two of these.


Teachers must also select either:

  • Option 4: Peace, War and Neutrality: Britain, Northern Ireland and Ireland 1932–1949;


  • Option 5: Changing Relationships: Britain, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland 1965–1985.

Unit 2
Outline Study

Focuses on the Cold War 1945–1991

Unit 3
Investigative Study

Controlled Assessment