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Revised GCSE History Useful Links

Unit 1 Section B Option 2

National Museums Northern Ireland - Northern Ireland's 1968

GCSE History Useful Links


All of the videos referenced in the GCSE History Scheme of Work are available from the Southern Education and Library Board's Audio Visual Recording Service

The specific history link is –

Divided Society - Toolkits

Unit 1: Studies in Depth

Option 1: Germany 1918–1941

Option 2: Russia c1916–1941

Why was there a disaster in 1917?

Why did the Provisional Government last for only 8 months, March-November 1917?

Bolshevik Revolution, November 1917

Bolshevik Russia

The Civil War

New Economic Policy 1921-1924

Stalin Takes Power 1924-1929


Industry and the 5-Year Plans

Stalin’s Terror

Option 3: United States of America 1918–1941

How did America react to the end of World War I?

How did the Policies of the American Government encourage Isolationism?

‘The Roaring Twenties’. Is this a good description of the USA in the 1920s?

How far did the USA achieve prosperity in the 1920s?

Why did the USA fall into depression in 1929?

What measures did Roosevelt introduce to deal with the Depression?

How successful was the New Deal?

Option 4: Peace, War and Neutrality: Britain, Northern Ireland and Ireland and the Second World War

Option 5: Changing Relationships: Britain, Northern Ireland, and Ireland 1965–1985

Unit 2: Outline Study – The Cold War

Unit 3: Controlled Assessment

Facing our History Shaping the Future

Qualifications Administration Handbook

The Qualifications Administration Handbook contains useful information such as the calendar of events, entry codes, dispatch dates and early release question papers and materials.