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(PDF), Last Updated: 25 October 2013
(Version 7 Amended 24 July 2012) For first teaching from September 2008. For first award of AS Level in Summer 2009. For first award of A Level in Summer 2010.

Related Circular

For examination in January and Summer 2012 series (S/IF/120/11)
(PDF), Last Updated: 29 November 2011

Revised GCE History of Art Specification (S/IF/30/10)
(PDF), Last Updated: 09 April 2010

Revised GCE History of Art Specification (S/IF/76/09)
(PDF), Last Updated: 23 September 2009

GCE History of Art is made up of two levels: AS and A2. The AS can be taken as a final qualification or as the first half of the Advanced GCE qualification. Students who wish to obtain a full A Level must complete both the AS and the A2.

This specification has a unitised structure and students are required to study two units at AS and two at A2. The units are listed below:

  • AS 1: Art
  • AS 2: Architecture, Craft and Design
  • A2 1: Art
  • 2 Architecture, Craft and Design