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Controlled Assessment

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Agreement Trial PowerPoint Presentation - E-Moderation summer 2016
(PDF), Last Updated: 15 December 2015

Controlled Assessment Student Guide
(PDF), Last Updated: 02 August 2010

Controlled Assessment Teacher Guidance
(PDF), Last Updated: 28 July 2011

E-Moderation Agreement Trial Information Pack - Autumn 2016
(PDF), Last Updated: 12 January 2017

E-Moderation Summer 2016 Agreement Trials Handout
(PDF), Last Updated: 15 December 2015

Instructions for Preparing Samples for Moderation
(PDF), Last Updated: 20 October 2014

In GCSE ICT, Unit 1 and Unit 2 are assessed by controlled assessment. Each is worth 30 percent of the final award. There are three tasks for Unit 1 and two tasks for Unit 2. We set the tasks, and they are all compulsory. Students must work independently and make reference to any resources they have used.

Teachers mark the controlled assessment tasks, using criteria that we provide, and we moderate them.

The table below gives further details:


Unit 1: Tools and Applications

Unit 2: Using Multimedia and Games Technology

Total weighting



Time limits

Task 1: 9 hours
Task 2: 6 hours
Task 3: 7 hours 30 mins

Task 1: 11 hours
Task 2: 11 hours 30 mins

For more information, please see the specification.