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NEW GCSE Modern Languages Resources Online Now!

CCEA have developed new vocabulary resources for GCSE Modern Languages.

These were developed following GCSE Modern Languages support workshops earlier in the year, where teachers provided suggestions for new resources to support their teaching and learning.

As a result, four new booklets are now available:

We hope you find them useful!

GCSE Listening

The sound recordings for GCSE Listening 2011 and 2012 Examinations are now available online. You will find them on the microsite under the Examinations tab, Unit 3 Listening. We plan to upload these, as well as the Transcripts, after each Examination series.

GCSE Resource Packs

All work relating to the expansion of the Resource Packs, which includes all topics in the Specification, has been written and these are now available for each language on the microsites.

Exemplification of Examination Performance

There are exemplar candidate responses and corresponding examiner commentaries to some Grade A and Grade C candidates for GCSE French, Irish and Spanish Writing tasks.

Controlled Assessment

New Controlled Assessment Speaking and Writing task exemplars (2012-2015) are now online.

GCSE and GCE Languages

The most recent Chief Examiner Reports are now available to download free online. Please go to the required microsite and look under the Examinations option.