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ASE Northern Ireland Confernce 21st June 2019

See below for workshop information and details of how to register. Early bird prices will end on 31st March.

Workshops for Post Primary Teachers

Kevin Henderson CCEA - Awarding Grades in GCSE Science, this session will look at the methodology of how GCSE grades will be awarded in Summer 2019. An update of a very popular workshop from 2017.

Pat Hanson, St Pius x College - Numeracy and Thinking Skills in Science, Pat will look at examples of numeracy activities that are naturally infused within the science curriculum, these will include interactive student activities for the classroom.

CCEA/RSC - Developing Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities in KS3 Science - This workshop will examine hot TS&PC can be integrated into classroom activities.

Paul Wright, CCEA - Support for the teaching of Life and Health Sciences

Paddy Shevlin, (former ETI) - Science Leadership and Self Evaluation. The Heads of Science Cluster Group has been running for three years. Paddy and the cluster group will share effective strategies to raise attainment in departments.

Gill Humes, Deliberate - Differentiation - Let's take another look. This session will look at diagnostic questioning and effective strategies that work in a mixed ability classroom.

Frank Scullion, CCEA GCE Chemistry Chair of Examiners, Teaching Beyond the Classroom (use of online teaching platforms).

Mary Whitehouse, University of York /Chair of ASE - Good questions for 11-14 Physics Teaching - This workshop will look at how having good questions and tasks will support precise learning outcomes and monitoring pupil progress

Sentinus - Project based Learning - PBL is a dynamic approach in which students can actively explore real-world problems and challenges and acquire a deeper knowledge.

Fran Gale, Wellcome Genome Campus - Keeping up to date with advances in Genetics. The Wellcome Genome Campus in Cambridge is one of the world's foremost institutes in Genomics. Fran will introduce teachers to some of the organisations resources for supporting A Level Biology.

Collette Thompson - Developing Literacy in the Science Classroom - this practical session will offer suggestions on how to use literacy techniques to improve exam technique.

Declan Mc Geown, RSC, Teaching Organic Chemistry in Life and Health Sciences. The session will review resources, delivery and subject knowledge of organic chemistry in the core externally examined A2 Organic Chemistry module.

Declan Mc Geown RSC, Support with teaching A Level Practical Skills in Chemistry - a review of RSC resources to develop skills and support with the Practical examination.

Workshops for Technicians

Angie Ridout, Technician - STEM Clubs! STEM clubs are an asset to a school. They provide opportunities for technicians to show off their skills and pass on that passion for STEM subjects. This session will provide advice on setting up a STEM club as well as ideas and activities

Chris Peel, CLEAPSS - A ‘glass' act: A hands-on workshop that'll teach you glass manipulation skills that can be applied across all the sciences. The skills learned are both practical and fun and will involve glass bending, repairing glass equipment and drawing pipettes and more.

Drop-in and get the know-how: This drop-in session will be a chance for technicians to learn a bit more about the CCEA GCSE practical's such as advice on set-up, tips and tricks, networking and a chance to collect feedback for CCEA. Technician committee

Katherine Forsey, Gratnells Learning Room Expert - What's in my Tray?: this hands on carousel of practical activities returns to Northern Ireland by popular demand. Katherine has put together a new set of practical activities.

Alongside the sessions above there will be exhibitors from:
Data Harvest, Hodder, Practical Action, CCEA, Open University, Spa4schools, Timstar, W5, YPO, CLEAPPS, SciChem, CCEA, Oxford University Press and many more.

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  • £10 members, £30 early bird (before 31st March)
  • £50 (after 31st March)
    • This includes tea/coffee and lunch.

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Any problems e mail the region field officer, Michelle Ryan.

A2 Exemplification of Examination Performance (EEP)

CCEA are exemplifying examination performance following the first sitting of the revised A2 units in Summer 2018. We intend to publish a booklet similar to AS and we will be holding webinars as detailed below. We hope to make the booklet available online in advance of webinars (this is subject to all candidate permissions being granted).

See below for details of A2 Life and Health Science webinars - click on the link for full information and registration:

A2 3: Medical Physics - Friday 1 March (3.30pm)

A2 5: Genetic, Stem Cell Research and Cloning - Monday 4 March (3.30pm)

A2 4: Sound and Light - Friday 8 March (3.30pm)

A2 2: Organic Chemistry - Thursday 14 March (10.45am)

Revised AS Life and Health Sciences Exemplification of Examination Performance (EEP)

CCEA has produced Exemplification of Examination Performance (EEP) for answers (at grade A) from the revised AS examinations undertaken in the Summer Series 2017. This exemplification for AS Life and Health Sciences is available as a PDF download from the following link:

Revised AS Life and Health Sciences Exemplification of Examination Performance (EEP)

CCEA held a series of webinars to accompany the published booklet.

Recordings of the webinars (Units AS 2, AS 3 and AS 5) are available here.

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Qualifications Administration Handbook

Please refer to the link below for information and guidance on the administration of CCEA assessments and examinations (including examination entry codes).

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