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A2 Exemplification of Examination Performance (EEP)

CCEA are exemplifying examination performance following the first sitting of the revised A2 units in Summer 2018. We intend to publish a booklet similar to AS and we will be holding webinars as detailed below. We hope to make the booklet available online in advance of webinars (this is subject to all candidate permissions being granted).

See below for details of A2 Life and Health Science webinars - click on the link for full information and registration:

A2 3: Medical Physics - Friday 1 March (3.30pm)

A2 5: Genetic, Stem Cell Research and Cloning - Monday 4 March (3.30pm)

A2 4: Sound and Light - Friday 8 March (3.30pm)

A2 2: Organic Chemistry - Thursday 14 March (10.45am)

Revised AS Life and Health Sciences Exemplification of Examination Performance (EEP)

CCEA has produced Exemplification of Examination Performance (EEP) for answers (at grade A) from the revised AS examinations undertaken in the Summer Series 2017. This exemplification for AS Life and Health Sciences is available as a PDF download from the following link:

Revised AS Life and Health Sciences Exemplification of Examination Performance (EEP)

CCEA held a series of webinars to accompany the published booklet.

Recordings of the webinars (Units AS 2, AS 3 and AS 5) are available here.

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Qualifications Administration Handbook

Please refer to the link below for information and guidance on the administration of CCEA assessments and examinations (including examination entry codes).

Qualifications Administration Handbook

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