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CCEA Curriculum Monitoring Programme 2018-19

Entry Level Life Skills

For first teaching from September 2017

Our Entry Level Life Skills specification encourages learners to develop independent living skills and personal skills for adult life. While developing the specification, we considered the requirements of learners with special educational needs and focused on skills required to prepare learners for the transition to adult life.

There are 27 internally assessed units to choose from, giving learners the opportunity to explore a variety of different life skills. These include travelling independently, using social media safely, applying for jobs and taking part in leisure activities. Learners complete a portfolio of evidence for each unit.

The specification includes two stand-alone qualifications: Entry Level Life Skills and Entry Level Extended Life Skills. Learners complete any six units for the Entry Level in Life Skills. They can then complete a further six units for the Entry Level in Extended Life Skills.


The specification has 27 units in five skill areas:

  • Independent Living Skills
  • Personal Skills
  • Communication and Number Skills
  • Vocational Skills
  • Arts and Leisure Skills.

(PDF), Last Updated: 11 August 2017


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