Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment
CCEA Curriculum Monitoring Programme 2018-19


Each qualification has two units. Each unit is worth 50 percent of the overall qualification.

Teachers/Lecturers should plan practical occupational tasks to collect evidence of learning for each unit. These tasks must give learners opportunities to demonstrate the knowledge, understanding and skills described in the unit content.

For each unit, learners must present their evidence for assessment in a portfolio.

The portfolio of evidence for each unit must contain the following:

Evidence of knowledge and understanding (AO1)

This may be in the form of written answers to questions or, where more appropriate, a record of oral responses to questions. The evidence must cover the range of knowledge and understanding set out in the unit content.

Evidence of application of knowledge, understanding and skills (AO2)

Teachers/Lecturers must assess all activities to occupational standards by observing learners' performance in practical tasks.

Evidence of analysis and evaluation of their work (AO3)

Learners should carry out an evaluation for each assessment task within each unit. This should consist of self-reflective statements that analyse and evaluate their performance and indicate how they could make improvements. They should also present an end-of-unit evaluation. This should reflect their new level of knowledge and understanding in the specialist area and the impact it may have on their progression and career opportunities.

A diary of activities undertaken

The diary should record all the activities the learner carries out as part of the unit. During each lesson, both the learner and the teacher or lecturer must sign and date the diary.

A record of all the assessment evidence

This record should indicate where to find each piece of assessment evidence.

Evidence in learners’ portfolios may be written, photographic or video recorded. Where the evidence includes photographs or videos, centres should obtain permission from each learner’s parents or guardians first.

We will provide centres with candidate record sheets, which teachers or lecturers must use to record learners’ overall marks for each unit.