Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment
CCEA Curriculum Monitoring Programme 2018-19


Does this unit apply to the chosen discipline explored in AS?

Yes, all students will explore all requirements of the unit through their chosen discipline.

Do the points regarding qualifications, experience, potential salary, contractual obligations apply to each of the three job opportunities?

Yes, for each of the three job opportunities the students should look at the qualifications as well as experience, potential salary and contractual obligations.

What are the expectations for a CV and a promotional portfolio?

They should reflect professional practice and be informed by research. Each should include examples of their skills development from AS.

What does “industry practice require” in relation to the audition and interview?

The teacher should replicate professional approaches when conducting the audition/presentation and interview e g. conduct the interview in a formal way and provide oral feedback from which the student makes notes.

What materials should be used for audition/presentation?

Existing material should be used. Students can consider the same style, genre or practitioner from AS but different repertoire must be used. Selected material should be different for each student.

What should feedback from their audition/presentation and interview include?

Feedback should address the demonstration of skills from the student’s chosen discipline outlined in AS1 and AS2, highlighting their strengths and outlining areas for development.

They set targets to enhance their employability in the performing arts industry”. How will this be realised in their record of work?

Students should include targets for: a) skills development in their chosen discipline b) skills for employability and c) strategies for improvement in both areas (SMART).

Is there an expectation to address all areas of skills and training in relation to their chosen discipline?

Yes, students need to consider each of the bullet points at the top of page 21.

How will students reflect current practice in their choice of repertoire?

Students need to consider presenting a range of skills in their choice of repertoire.

What questions could be asked at interview?

Questions should relate to their SCH research of each extract, reflect on skills gained in terms of their chosen discipline and as a result what impact this may have on their employability.

In what format should the feedback from the audition/ interview/portfolio be delivered?

Feedback can be given orally or in written format, however, students should make their own notes and refine these into targets for future development.

In the written report should students reflect on the development of their skills to date?

Yes, this would be a starting point for Section 1-Skills and Training where students can evaluate their skills development from AS1 and AS 2.

How can teachers support their students in the development of the promotional portfolio?

There will be guidance given on the creation of the portfolio including information on recording a show reel.

In the production of materials can information be sourced from the internet?

Information can be sourced, however, there are issues regarding plagiarism and all sources must be referenced and materials individually customised and presented. Group approaches are not acceptable.

Where can I find help and guidance on using Windows Movie Maker?

Where can I find help and guidance on using iMovie?