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Poet’s use of language

  • A range of perspectives on the old man: observational detail, nature imagery, imagined experience and linking the old man with Irish mythology
  • Contrast of the passive old man with active nature
  • Vivid setting in the first section
  • The second section suggests the old man’s isolation from the present
  • Speaker places himself inside the mind of the man, and within this imagined experience of the past the old man is vibrant and active with ‘drama between hedges’
  • Each setting is structurally different, for example, the lanes of Donegal in section 3 move to the mythological setting of section 4
  • Onomatopoeia, alliteration, assonance and consonance
  • Emphatic grammatical construction of ‘not even she’
  • Depth of description: the small details
  • Nostalgic tone gives a sense of yearning for past days
  • Final image of the old man still lost in his memories described as an animal refusing to be drawn from its place of safety