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(PDF), Last Updated: 10 June 2016
Specification (For first teaching 2016)

(PDF), Last Updated: 19 June 2014
ACCREDITED Specification (for first teaching Sept 2013)

Our GCE Software Systems Development specification is made up of two parts: AS and A2. Students can choose to take the AS as a stand-alone qualification if they wish. To get the full GCE, students must complete both AS and A2. There are two units for each part.

In Unit AS 1 students adopt an object oriented approach to problem solving. They develop their object oriented skills while learning to appreciate the benefits of developing applications in this type of environment. This unit is externally assessed through a two hour examination paper.

In Unit AS 2 students learn to implement and develop object oriented technologies in an event driven environment. Students are able to state requirements and design, implement, test and evaluate their application. This unit is internally assessed.

In Unit A2 1 students develop their understanding of the reasons for systems development. They are introduced to important database concepts that enable them to understand relational database systems implemented through Structured Query Language (SQL). This unit is externally assessed through a two hour examination paper with a pre-release case study.

In Unit A2 2 students design and implement a solution to a given problem using the knowledge and skills they have acquired in the preceding units. The unit allows them to experience the elements of the systems development process. Students build their solutions using a relational database management system through an event driven programming environment. This unit is internally assessed with a pre-release case study.