Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the theme for this year’s coursework assignment?
A. The coursework theme is Teenage Leisure and Recreation.
Q. What are the coursework requirements for Entry Level Technology and Design?
A. Students must complete one coursework assignment. They must make one piece of practical work and produce a design folder that includes an evaluation of the completed work.
Q. What percentage of marks is given to the coursework and the examination?
A. 80 percent of the marks are awarded for the coursework project. The exam is worth 20 percent.
Q. Are there any size restrictions for the coursework project?
A. No, there are no size restrictions for the coursework project. Students should, however, consider the time it may take to complete a large piece of coursework. Students also need to consider the cost of materials and the complexity of the job.
Q. How much time do students have to complete their coursework?
A. Entry Level Technology and Design is delivered to students at Key Stage 4 (Years 11 and 12). Most centres begin work on the design folder at the end of Year 11 or the start of Year 12. The practical piece is normally started in September or October of Year 12 and must be completed before the Easter holidays.
Q. Can a student be entered for both GCSE and Entry Level Technology and Design?
A. Yes, students can be entered for the same award at the same time provided they fulfil the requirements of both specifications.
Q. How do teachers choose the sample of work for moderation?
A. Each centre must select a sample of students’ work that is representative of the peer group in terms of the ability range. This work must be displayed in the centre (according to coursework guidelines) for the visiting moderators to view.
Q. When does moderation take place?
A. Moderation takes place during early May of the final year of the course.
Q. When can students take their coursework home?
A. Students can take their work home after we have moderated and agreed the final marks.