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Entry Level Technology and Design is designed for students who have not reached Level 3 of the Northern Ireland Curriculum at the end of Key Stage 3 and for whom GCSE and equivalent vocational qualifications are not yet considered suitable.  

There are three levels of award: Entry 1, Entry 2 or Entry 3, with Entry 3 representing the highest level of award.

Students study one of the following areas of study:

  • Food Technology;
  • Graphic Products;
  • Resistant Materials Technology;
  • System and Control Technology; or
  • Textiles Technology.

Teachers must cover all of the following in each area of study:

(a) Environment and Economic Considerations
Students must be aware that economic and environmental issues can make conflicting demands when designing.

(b) Aesthetic Considerations
Students must be aware of the importance of aesthetics in product design.

(c) Use of Information Technology
Students must make use of information technology as and where appropriate.

(d) Health and Safety
Students must be aware of relevant health and safety issues throughout the course in an attempt to foster safe working practices and procedures.

(e) Evaluation
Teachers must encourage students to apply objective evaluative criteria at appropriate points in their technological and design activity.

(f) Systems and Control
Within their design and making activities for assessment, students should carry out activities related to the relevant application of simple systems and control.