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GCSE Technology and Design

For first teaching from September 2017
A guide to changes in GCSE Grading

Our GCSE Technology and Design specification encourages students to be innovative and prepared to take design risks. They explore the creative, engineering and manufacturing industries, as well as the importance of high quality design and technology.

Ours is the only Technology and Design qualification that provides all students with a core of knowledge in the following key areas before they choose to specialise in one:

  • electronic and microelectronic control systems
  • mechanical and pneumatic control systems
  • product design.

There are two written exams, each worth 25% of the final mark, and a design and manufacturing project worth 50%. Teachers mark the design project, and we visit centres to carry out moderation.

With this qualification students may choose to progress to our GCE in Technology and Design, a qualification in civil engineering, product design or a related area, or the world of work.

Specification and Specimen Assessment Materials

Our GCSE in Technology and Design is unitised, so itís possible to take part of the assessment at the end of the first year of study.

The specification has three units:

  • Unit 1: Technology and Design Core Content
  • Unit 2: Optional Areas of Study
  • Unit 3: Design and Manufacturing Project.

(PDF), Last Updated: 25 June 2018

Specification (Irish-Medium)
(PDF), Last Updated: 09 October 2017
Specification (Irish-Medium)

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Specimen Assessment Materials

Specimen Assessment Materials
(PDF), Last Updated: 10 January 2018

Specimen Assessment Materials (Irish-Medium)
(PDF), Last Updated: 13 October 2017

Controlled Assessment

In this specification Unit 3: Design and Manufacturing Project is a controlled assessment unit. It includes producing a design portfolio and an associated manufacturing task.

Unit 3: Design and Manufacturing (Valid from January 2018, submission May 2019)
(PDF), Last Updated: 12 December 2017

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